Secrets, secrets…

How many times have you pulled up Facebook on your phone or computer to be bombarded by a million updates from one person in particular? How many times have those posts been something along the lines of “Something awesome happened today” or “pray for us”? How about the random and out-of-the-blue relationship status changes with no explanations?

I have my own opinions, and I usually try not to voice them… As you can see, I’m choosing to voice my opinions in the perfect place: a blog.

I try really hard not to attack particular people I encounter online in this manner, but I’m really just sick of the ambiguity. It really comes down to one thing: if you don’t want to share all the information with everyone, don’t even mention any part of it on Facebook. It’s that simple. Don’t post statuses that leave people completely in the dark because most people assume the best or worst and nothing in between (due to the fact that there is zero context behind the status update for your readers).

Don’t believe me? Here are some excellent examples (with my initial reactions) taken directly from my feed (apologies if a featured status is yours):

  • “Some things are clearly too good to be true.” | Too good to be true? Are you in another relationship? Who is fu**ing with you this time?
  • ” 😦 ” | Did you get fired? Why are you sad? Did I hurt your feelings? Who’s neck do I need to break?
  • “So sad this morning. So hard to keep a smile.” | What’s wrong? Did someone die? Are you okay?
  • “Please pray and/or cross your fingers for us!! (Trying not to jinx it!!!)” | Are you pregnant? (Okay, I know you aren’t pregnant, but it’s what I would think.)
  • “I have a lot more to offer than money!!!” | Did I miss something? You’re not a bank or an ATM… Someone’s screwing you big time.
  • “Five more days. Could not be over fast enough.” | Five more days until what? Vacation? Work week? Abortion? End of Criminal Trial?

Do not even think about leaving a comment about how sometimes we just want to share some information or our reactions to the world without giving it all away. I say this because every post has the ability for your friends to comment. Leaving some ambiguous information begs people to ask questions, and there is always one person who responds with “What?” or “?????????”. It’s unavoidable… Well, the only way to avoid it is to NOT POST AMBIGUOUS STATUSES. What’s worse is when the poster responds with “It’s none of your business” or “Text me” because it means they only want to share the information with some people and not others… That’s not what I was taught about friendship. I think it also goes along with keep it to yourself unless you want people to know sort of thing.

I don’t know. I guess I live under the assumption that information I want to keep private should remain private to everyone except my husband. I know that I am guilty of this sort of thing at times despite being so put off my others doing it. I guess this is my stand. I’m saying NO to ambiguity and YES to keeping our secrets or being comfortable with (mostly) full disclosure.


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