Being a nurse

For almost 9 months now, I have been crazily running around trying to do everything for this nursing program. There are definitely things that I lack in terms of one-on-one experience with patients. Recently, I finished my first clinical as part of Med Surg I.

Let me just say:

Experience is invaluable.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s scary how many times I’ve used this phrase to rationalize poor driving, poor teaching, poor relationships, poor attitudes… It describes me completely when it comes to bedside care of patients.

I have always been a decent conversationalist, able to start up with anyone. Talking to a patient is different. My patient is hospitalized for an acute injury on top of a few or many chronic conditions. My patient is over 50 and unable to help themselves to accomplish many of life’s most necessary tasks. My patient has been through the ringer regarding our health care system and lacks the initial trust necessary for us to form a meaningful care relationship.

I am not prepared for my patient… Yet.

My eyes have been opened by my initial experience caring for another person who can’t necessarily take care of everything on their own. It takes a compassionate, caring person to become a nurse. I know that it will take me many years to become the nurse I envision myself to be, and I feel so blessed knowing I have so many amazing nurses in my life who let me experience life in their eyes.



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